Veegic - An Online Capcut Alternative

What can I use instead of Capcut? with Veegic, you can Add Captions, Headlines, Progress Bars, Watermark, Pictures, Change dimensions, Join Videos, Create Gifs, Slideshows and more to your videos.

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What is Capcut?

Capcut is a free video editing app that was designed to complement the basic video editing features of TikTok. CapCut lets you edit your TikTok videos with filters, stickers, speed changes, background music, effects, and other editing tools.

Is Capcut available for PC or Online?

Unfortunately, Capcut is not available for PC or Mac. Capcut is also not available online. It only esists on iOS and Android as a mobile app. To use Capcut on a computer, you will need a similar app like Capcut called Veegic. Veegic is an online set of video editing tools you can use anywhere with an Internet connection.

Features of Veegic

Unlike Capcut, Veegic helps you create the perfect video for all social media - Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc

1. Automatically Add captions
Effortlessly add subtitles to your videos and make your videos stand out on social media.
2. Create Border Headlines
Create enticing headlines at the top for your video in order to grab people's attention and make them watch your video!
3. Progress Bars
Available in multiple colors, Our progress bars additionally helps you keep viewers engaged.
4. Change Dimensions
Resize your videos to suit whatever social media format you want. We have sizes compatible with Facebook, Youtube, IG, Tiktok, etc
5. Add Your Logo/ Watermark
Let your own personal or company brand shine through with branded Logos on your video
6. Cut & Join Multiple Videos
Merge multiple clips from different videos together to create one unique, never-seen-before video. Show creativity.
7. Add Audio & Pictures to Videos
8. Create Gifs & Screenshots
9. Create Slideshows

Why choose Veegic?

Veegic is the best Video Editing app for PC, MAC and Online. Period!

Save money
We help you create polished and professional looking videos without breaking the bank.
Save time
If you spend hours editing just one video, it's time to stop. Veegic helps you create great videos in a few minutes.
Beautiful, easy to use software
Unlike Capcut and other video editing apps, Our user Interface is very simple to use.
Cut, Merge, Slideshows, Auto Captions, Headlines, Gifs, etc.
We want you to succeed on social media so we built everything you will need to stand out, in one place.

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We want you to succeed on social media so we built everything you will need to stand out on Social media, in one place.

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