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    Why use Veegic?

    We convert your words to notes and we don't just leave it there. Here's what Veegic does:

    Cleanup speech

    After you talk, we properly format your notes, grammar check it and remove all grammatical errors like 'em' sounds.

    Save time

    If you hate typing manually, this tool is for you!

    Magic Editor

    Magic Editor helps you turn your notes into a proper Blog posts, Tweets, Craft Emails or talking points, etc.

    Summarize notes

    Reading long notes is boring. We made it easy to summarize your notes in one click!

    Switch author

    You can auto-rewrite your notes in any author's writing style of your choosing e.g. J.K Rowlings!

    Upload and convert audio

    Take any external audio/mp3 file from work, meetings or your life, upload it and we'll work our magic on it.

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