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After we convert your words to notes, we don't just leave it there. Here's all we do for you:

We beautify notes
Ramblings can be ugly. We make sure your notes are well formatted, grammar checked and errors removed.
We save you time
We created Veegic because we hated writing or typing manually. If you're lazy like us, you will love veegic too.
Magic Editor
We also added a full fledged editor to Veegic that gives you super magic powers. Don't ask me how. See for yourself!
We summarize your notes
There's nothing more boring that reading long-ass notes. So we made it easy to summarize your notes in one click!
Switch writing style
We all have writers we adore. So we made it possible to rewrite notes in the writing style of your choosing. Hello, J.K Rowlings!
10 Magic Templates
Would you like to turn your notes into Tweets? an entire article, blogpost or email? Magic templates make it possible.
Upload audio files and we'll convert it too!
If you have any audio or mp3 from work, meetings or your life, we'll take that too and work our magic on it.
We simplify your life
Our final and most important trick - we make your life simpler. You never have to type again if you don't want to.

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